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Learning Stations for Reader's Notebooks

Learning stations are perfect for independent reading:
We are one month into reader's workshop and many pages have been read.  It's been a wonderful thing, but because I'd been sick for awhile, I hadn't taken in my students' reader's notebooks and, to be honest, hadn't given them a lot of instruction on how to use them.  They are meant to be used as a place for them explore ideas and to take notes on the different literary elements they discover as they read their independent novels. They will use these notes for Socratic seminars and other assignments we will do later in the semester.
Leaning stations and reader's notebooks are a perfect pair for independent reading in middle and high school.
I knew that we needed to get refocused, so I created some learning stations that corresponded with the pages in their notebooks and we spent a class focusing on five of them: point of view, author's message, character, great quotes and questions.  I told students to choose a station to start at, based on the section of their notebook that needed more detail.

They worked at each station for about fifteen minutes, and then moved on to the next one. If a student finished the station early, or needed more time, I allowed them to move or stay, based on what they needed. Some of the stations required that they start writing right away, while others instructed them to read a few pages of their novel to look for certain things, like clues to theme, for example.  It all worked out perfectly.  My students were engaged, writing, reading, and thinking about their texts.  In the end, their journals had more entries, and they had more instruction to guide them when they work on them independently in class or for homework.

Next week, we're going to start looking at author style, and students will move through stations that have them look for examples of figurative language and different types of sentences. They will still be expected to keep working on their journals independently, but these stations worked so well, that we will be using them much more frequently from now on!

Would you like to create your own stations?  You can purchase mine at my TpT store. Click HERE to check it out.
Leaning stations and reader's notebooks are a perfect pair for independent reading in middle and high school.


  1. Do you have the journal pages available as well? I was not sure if these were included with the reader's notebook stuff...

  2. The journal pages are in the reader's notebook at my store, but the learning stations are a different product. You can email me at room213custom@gmail.com if you need more clarification. Thanks! J

  3. Is this and your Reader's notebook included in the "Reader's Workshop Bundle {Secondary}"?


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